Interlink Direct Ltd offers a great platform for talents from various backgrounds to shine and grow.

- Rewarding staff training and development –

- 10+ years of experience in the Oriental food and beverage industry in the UK.

- Multicultural and multilingual working environment.

- Attractive employee benefits: competitive rates, food and beverage trials, entertainments and events.

Current Vacancies

Part Time Promoter

Display and cook food in different oriental supermarkets. Introduce promoting products and invite clients to try.

Place: Different Oriental supermarket in Great London/ Birmingham/ Manchester/ Newcastle / Edinburgh / Glasgow / Stirling / Aberdeen / Dundee etc.

Time: Weekends. Approximately from 10.30am to 5.00pm on Sat & Sun.

Salary: 7 pounds/ hr

Benefits: Lunch is not included, but lunch time will get paid.

Language: Mandarin, English. If you speak Cantonese would be a real plus.

Traffic fee would not be paid, please apply the city you live.

Please provide us the following information to apply, including Name, NI no., Language, Mobile, Photo, and your City. Working content, date and place, dress code would be informed after interview.

Contact email:

We also welcome prospective job applications. Please specify your area(s) of interests and experience, send us your Cover Letter and updated CV to

Last Update: 05/02/2016